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The Consequential Value Grading System, Part 1

November 26, 2007

I’m not a marketing professional but as far as I’ve been able to ascertain nobody has studied what I’m working on here anyway. Regardless, I wanted to create some kind of evaluation system that takes away some of the subjectivity of my judgments–to keep me honest and keep this blog somewhat credible.

Everything on the matrix has equal weight. The benefit to consumer is almost as important in my mind as the benefit to brand. However, something must score on the benefit to consumer side to achieve at least some semblance of “consequential value.” To keep it simple, I’ve decided to score 0 to 3 in each category. Think: N/A (not applicable), small, medium, large. So, technically, 30 points is possible, but I can’t imagine how any promotion could ever achieve that. Some of these attributes are mutually exclusive (or awfully close). Even a low score is a good score: I’m not going to mention a promotion that can’t get on the matrix.

The Perceived Generosity category is the one I think most people will “huh?” In my opinion, consumers are motivated to appreciate a brand and be more loyal to it when she believes that the business’s generosity is “real.” The more they believe the business is impacting them or the world and NOT benefiting themselves from the promotion, the more likely they are to “buy.” Not being a marketing pro, I don’t know this theorem to be absolutely true, but I believe it so much that I nearly used this category as a multiplier.

I’ll be happy to hear from any marketing types who actually know whether I’m right or not. I have no trouble adjusting my matrix–I’m just learning here. In the meantime, WYSIWYG.

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