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Those Meddlin' Jesuits

December 24, 2007

My step-daughter just came home for Christmas break from Gonzaga Law School, where she is in her first year. Gonzaga is a Jesuit institution. When Meredith, pretty much a religion-avoider, took off for Gonzaga in August, her mother and I figured the fit would be fine…but we wondered. We don’t shove our (Christian) faith down our adult children’s throats, but we were hopeful that GLS would introduce Meredith to some Christian concepts she could embrace.croppercapture37.jpg

Anyway, out of nowhere the day after Meredith returned, Laura asked, “How’s that whole Jesuit thing going anyway?” Meredith’s response: “I love it! They do more than just teach law. You have to have 40 hours of community service before you can graduate and you have to serve in the clinic the school runs.” All of a sudden, I was enormously proud of my step-daughter.

There’s consequential value: Gonzaga seeks to educate “the whole person”–teaching law students that they have to be socially responsible, and giving them a venue to do it in—required. The Spokane community benefits in the short term; the nation and the world is impacted in the long run. The students become citizens of the world. And Brand Gonzaga doesn’t hurt either. I gave them a score of 15, but that’s having to do some guessing about outcomes only Gonzaga has a handle on–they probably deserve

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  1. Gary Randall permalink
    December 4, 2008 10:00 pm

    I love that comment. Your step daughter is probably not going to be a “tax jock” but if she has any interest in it, she might wish to contact me. I may be retired from the faculty, but I love the student contact. Gary Randall

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