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Pastoral Marketing, Part 4

December 27, 2007

But I have digressed, diving into the issues about supporting charities, which is only aBono’s Most Important Book piece of Pastoral Marketing—or this blog for that matter. Pastoral Marketing, as I’m defining it, is first and foremost incorporating a heart for people into the way we transact business—and using that heart to do more than pull on heartstrings to capture sales.

I’m a capitalist, not a socialist. But,

  • I believe it is possible to address people’s real needs in promotions, services, and offers that simultaneously assists the self-interest of Brand.
  • I believe that the best ways to raise the capital for social responsibility is in the for-profit sector.
  • I believe that the same people who can make those powerful commercials that make us cry over family and success and friendship are capable of going one more step to translate that 60-second emotion into actions that do more than promise a meaningful outcome.come-on-people.jpg
  • I believe that hundreds of thousands of Americans want to work for companies that are unashamedly looking out for people (and pets and the environment for that matter) rather than simply trying to get their money.
  • I believe that the rise of social entrepreneurialism is proving that new models of doing business will prove to traditional capitalists that there is a new way to do business that is at once helpful and profitable.
  • I believe that for every 3 or 4 greedy CEOs, corporations or entertainers who horde their millions, there’s at least one Bono, Bill Cosby, or Bill Gates, who aggressively use their resources to make the community of the world a better place with their actions while they go about making a good living, too…and that this ratio could improve.
  • I believe that non-profits could spend less time making “asks” of big corporations and spend more time sharing their expertise in creating innovative consumer-level programs that add consequential value to people’s lives.

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