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Radio Shack Suggests Doing Stuff, not Just Buying Stuff

December 27, 2007

croppercapture38.jpg“It’s only an advertising campaign (so it doesn’t qualify for a CV score), but its heart is in the right place. You know the TV commercial that has a radio controlled truck that drives a video MP3 player up to the front door of a crotchety old lady and warms the cockles of her heart by singing a Christmas carol? She quickly recognizes that the singers on the player are her neighbors and a warm, ice-broken smile spreads across her face at the on-looking neighbors. That’s the spirit: if you are going to buy stuff, do something meaningful with it. Make someone else’s day brighter. Help them forget their loneliness.

Now, Radio Shack, take it a step further. Implement a program that reaches out to the elderly —croppercapture39.jpg

  • create a program that facilitates your customers’ involvement with the elderly, send part of the sales of that MP3 player to a non-profit that specializes in Alzheimer’s research,
  • run a contest on YouTube for videos made by your customers’ children to be distributed to the elderly,
  • partner with elderly care facilities to make Christmas special (food or human touch) for their residents.
  • Offer a book about the elderly and their needs as a premium when you buy an MP3 with video.

And don’t be quiet about it. Let us consumers deliberately help you by giving us something to participate in.

You tugged at my heartstrings, Radio Shack. Now put your energy where your heart is—and help us do the same.

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