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Publix Has a Heart. But Does it Have Teeth?

December 28, 2007

croppercapture41.jpgIf you haven’t shed a tear over one of Publix’s holiday themed TV commercials, you may have one severe blockage in your aorta. These Publix are great commercials…full-grown adults trying to muster the words to say how much they love the people sitting at their Thanksgiving table…a med student who can’t get home for Christmas only to walk into his apartment to find his entire (extended) family there to celebrate. Maybe my wife and I are just big softies, but these are touching commercials.

Charming as they are, oddly, well-prepared food holds each of these stories together, promising great gatherings when there is a great spread of vittles. Of course, the underlying, almost subliminal, message is: if you buy your food at Publix, you’ll have dreamy holiday meal. Never did they say, “Pork loin, only 49 cents a pound!”

All commercials should be viewed with a wary eye. And when you look critically at this Publix campaign, the reality is: they say virtually nothing. Their hope is that a warm, snuggly feeling about food and family will somehow translate to believing Publix brand groceries can make it happen.That’s a BIG jump.

But what if…istock_000000473703medium.jpg

  • They asked consumers to take family pictures at the table and the pictures were posted in stores (and receive a free pumpkin pie) or on the internet (for coupons)?
  • They matched contributions to 2nd Harvest food charities?
  • They created a place to gather food and gifts for military families who couldn’t be together this season?

Wouldn’t you be more a little more tempted to go to the Publix or spend a little more money there if their campaign had more to chew on than the warm fuzzies?

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  1. Cassetta Hall permalink
    December 19, 2008 2:17 pm

    I just love your Publix TV commercials. When ever one comes on I stop in my track until it is done. We need more family oriented family tv commercials because you know family is all we have in this world. The person/persons who are responsible for making the tv commercials please keep them coming and my HATS off to you. Happy holidays and Happy New Years!

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