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Life Jackets as Promotional Products, Literally

January 8, 2008

Take a look at these promotions for the Nashville Boat Show coming up this weekend. Which one(s) has consequential value?


Sorry, not only is there no significant value in key fobs, tackle boxes, or water footballs (aka “stuff”), but I don’t even see a close connection between the product and the brand (the tackle box, maybe). But now the life jackets? Different story.

Allstate has been distributing these life jackets to kids for months now at boat shows allkids-lifejacket1.jpg over the country. Back in December, they celebrated their 40,000th jacket given away in New York. The total promotion aims to give 45,000 away before it ends. The U.S. Coast Guard even got in on the act (that’s a rear admiral there)–what a smart partnership.

Life jackets aren’t as sexy as key fobs I’m sure, but what a great example of how to use a promotional product both to meet an important human need (water safety and educating children) and identify it closely with the brand. This product actually tells you something important about the promoter just by looking at it. And if I were a boater, I would be looking to Allstate before anybody else for coverage–they care enough about my kids to invest in their safety. CV=12 cv-lifejackets.jpg

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  1. January 9, 2008 1:20 am

    Great Post…I agree that this is a great promotion.

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