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Jiffy Lube Creates the Perfect CV Promotion

February 14, 2008
Jiffy Lube logoI l-o-v-e Jiffy Lube’s Go Red/Maintenance for Life promotion. It’s got it all (all that this blog cares about, that is) and then some.
  • An exceptional value for the consumer that meets necessities.
  • An excellent cause to support that helps heal.
  • Motivation to keep coming back into their stores.
  • A stated goal that encourages the customer to be involved–with JL, with the cause, and for themselves.
  • Guaranteed brand lift as a result of the consequential value in the promotion.

Here’s the essence of the promotion. When you go to a Jiffy Lube (or you can do this online), you see several posters encouraging you to by a $3 coupon book. Your $3 supports the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Woman movement. In exchange, Jiffy Lube gives you the coupon book with $100 worth of Jiffy Lube services. Plus, in the back of the coupon book you do a scratch-off in hopes of winning an SUV–which doesn’t excite me (contests, that is)–but the SUV comes filled with “healthy” stuff like bicycles which helps integrate the pieces of the promotion.Now, just speaking for me, spending $3 to get $100 worth of services (coupons) AND help a cause is serious consequential valueJiffy Lube coupon. With 8 drivers in our family, the four $5 coupons for oil changes alone is real money for a real need. Not only will these coupons guarantee that the cars garaged here in Nashville go to Jiffy Lube, I may mail coupons to our college students in the various locales around the country. Looks like I need another coupon book!I like this promotion not only for its consequential value, but for all the various components–in-store, online and in print–that make it come together. (And it doesn’t hurt that the model in the back of the SUV has nice legs.) Even though most of us would instinctively flinch trying to connect healthy bodies with healthy cars, Jiffy Lube pulls it off without being corny.I will wax an elephant in tomorrow’s post analyzing the various parts of the promotion and how they affect the whole–and I will pull out the ol’ Consequential Value Grid to grade it. But until then you can run around on the Jiffy Lube site and see for yourself.Jiffy Lube has met the gold standard of promotions that don’t just make impressions but also make a difference.

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