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Business Books Turn into “Mystery” Contribution to Charity

February 18, 2008

115 Million ChildrenSo what do you do when your business has too much stock? What else? Sell it off! Unless8CR you are 800CEOREAD.If you are 8CR, you find a way to give the stock away and raise money for charity.In a nutshell, while 8CR was asking publishers to submit books 8CR’s annual Best Business Books Awards, they accumulated more than a few extra books. But rather than turn a buck on their unexpected additions to warehouse, they created a Mystery Book Box. –Send 20 bucks to 8CR and you receive 3 business books (at least one of which is on their best books list). 8CR even foots the shipping. 100% of the $20 goes to Room to Read

a great organization that partners with local communities throughout the developing world to establish schools, libraries, and other educational infrastructure.” Room to Read has established over 3600 libraries in the last 7 years. Every dollar buys a book for a kid in a place where books are otherwise impossible to attain.

Room to Read

That’s the way to run a promotion with value. The customer receives more product than the price warrants. [And it’s books–’nuff said.] A great charity receives the real benefit. And a great bunch of guys in Milwaukee get a good rep for having a good brand, not being greedy, and generally being good guys who care.The principle is so simple, anyone could do it.They’ll get a Twenty from me. How ’bout you?And I wonder…could publishers find a good place for their extra product at a place like Room to Read?

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