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Dentists Do It Better

May 4, 2008

Do you know what this gadget is? I didn’t when I first saw it, but I’m on the dense side. Maybe you know.

Since it said something about “dental” on it (I had picked it up at a Benefits Fair at my company from, as you can see, Principal Financial Group/Group Dental Insurance), I assumed it had something to do with what dentists do. You know, teeth.

Yup, you stick the end of a toothpaste tube through that tiny little slot in between the “Financial” and the “Dental”–it squeezes the toothpaste out of the tube. It’s the best tool I’ve ever seen that does this particular job. I figure we’ve got a week’s worth of extra brushing out of our tube. We’ll be using this little beauty from now on.

What’s this thingy called? A toothpaste wringer? A Crest pincher? A Sensodine squeezer? A Colgate constrictor?

It has since occurred to me that dentists give some of the best premiums of any business. They give what you can use AND it is directly related to them. Samples of toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes…. Ever got a pen?

Every time you use their little appliances (that usually have their name and phone number on them) you probably think of them: oh, yeah, you need to schedule that cavity eradication appointment and you’re behind on your cleanings. You have to intentionally ignore the guilt feelings of inaction every time you brush.

So here is a way to create real consequential value: make sure that what you give is directly connected to your business and the real need of your customer.

To see how infrequently this kind of spot-on premium is offered, you’d think it’s hard to do–as hard as pulling teeth.

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