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Light a Cigar for the Soldiers

June 19, 2008

Cigars, for many a man (usually a man), means guilty pleasure. We like’m but we’re not sure we should. To even mention cigars probably irritates some of my dear readers. Finding a way weave cigars into a site about consequential value is like blowing second hand smoke straight up the nostrils of the unwitting.

So this post is in the smoking section of the blog–you don’t have to go in if you can’t stand the smell.

We (and I include myself) know that the recent, instant inflation of gas prices is nothing compared to what happened to cigars a few years back. Two dollar cigars went to $6 in about a year, and they’ve never receded. To smoke a good Macanudo now…well you might as well take a sawbuck from your wallet and burn it. Most of us are looking for deals.

So here’s one–it’s a deal for the smoker and it makes life more bearable for people you care about.

Operation Cigars for Troops is program recently developed by the Altadis brands that include Montecristo White (Rothchilde), Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real (Belicoso), and H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon (Toro). You can buy a pack of 4 for the price of three–that’s the deal for you–and Altadis will send a cigar to our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Altadis plans on sending more than 50,000 cigars overseas.

Other similar programs exist whose heart is in a similar place, notably Thompson Cigars and In the case of Altadis brands you can also go to and send a message to the soldiers who fight for freedom–ours and others.

Cigars are one of the few small luxuries that can still be enjoyed by our troops while serving overseas. America’s Finest are sacrificing their time, safety, and much more than most of us can imagine, by serving our country under the most adverse conditions that words cannot even describe on this website. Our troops really appreciate any amount of cigars, and any brands, that you can contribute…

You can find Operation Cigars for Troops 4-packs at most tobacco shops that sell fine cigars.

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  1. June 23, 2008 4:08 pm

    At last. The guilty pleasure of a cigar — with a little altruism thrown in! I like it.

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