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UK Publisher Targets Teens at Spinebreakers

June 29, 2009

spinebreakersThanks to I’ve learned that Penguin Publishers UK have a teen website for teen readers of books called Spinebreakers.  It’s a very cool site unlike anything I’ve found in the U.S.

The site embraces many of the attributes of creating and developing readers that this blog has been advocating for months.  See my page on Reader Creation and Development, especially idea #3:–Make Reading Sexy.  Penguin says so themselves:

“We want to make reading sexy for this age group”, says Anna Rafferty, Penguin’s online marketing director.

You’ll love this site.

  1. Everything about the look of the site screams “teen.”
  2. The site is written, monitored, and promoted by and for teens.
  3. The site integrates live events with authors and bands with books.
  4. It encourages teens to submit their own takes on the books they read going so far as encouraging them to re-write the endings.
  5. It runs contests for short story writing.
  6. It promotes up-and-coming bands and their relationship with books (launching July 6).
  7. It even promotes the “classics.”

If books alone don’t hook kids, the music and live events will.

Spinebreakers is encouraging the next generation to get into reading by demonstrating the intimate relationship between culture and the books the culture produces that influence the world we live in.  To reach the rising generations, all publishers must champion the kind of ingenuity Penguin UK is already adopting.

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  1. Brian permalink
    July 1, 2009 9:44 am

    Found this interesting in relation to your post:

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