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Books for Wannabe Lovers

July 2, 2009

borders uk online dating

Books are for lovers, not just book lovers.

Or so goes the logic of publisher Penguin UK and bookseller Borders UK who both recently launched dating websites–which, of course, promote and sell books (coincidentally about love, dating, and relationships).

Strategically, I’m sure these book companies simply want to sell more books.  Not waiting around for online dating services to advertise and sell books, and rather taking matters into their own hands seems logical, if not a belatedly brilliant solution.

But in the larger picture, they are striding toward the kind of book ubiquity that promotes reading, generally.

Books must be everywhere–not just bookstores, book departments, libraries, or book websites–if more Americans are going to become readers.  And it’s only the book industry that can impel a shift in the cultural climate if they hope to gain market share from other forms of entertainment.

penguin online dating

These two online dating websites demonstrate leadership on all three levels, even if inadvertent.  I hope they sign up millions of love-hungry subscribers.

Now, on to gardening, motorcycles, crafting, fly fishing, canning, computing…

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