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Librarian Tattoos Change Image for a Good Cause

July 30, 2009

tattooed ladies of tlaLast year it was the male librarians of Texas who flaunted their tattoos in a calendar sold to raise money for libraries damaged by Rita and Katrina.  They raised $9000 and the eyebrows of–well–the world.  Librarians?  Tats?  Who knew?

This year it’s the lady librarians turn.  Good for them.  And good for books.

I’ve been arguing that reading needs to be perceived as much sexier than it currently is (and I’ve had support from the higher echelons of the American library’s hierarchy) if we hope to raise today’s young people to be readers.  This effort moves in that direction without porning up or prostituting the libraries.  It communicates that librarians–the people who want you to read–aren’t fuddy-duds.

14-year-old boys don’t often wander into a library of their own free will.  But, gosh, we need them to.  Being motivated to slink through the library doors by the possibility of glimpsing the librarian’s tats is junior-high stupid, but it’s a start.

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