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Disney and Libraries Join to Encourage Reading

August 28, 2009

disney logoAccording to England’s version of PW–the Bookseller–the Reading Agency has partnered with Disney and libraries up and down the country to encourage children to spend more time reading.

The 5 Minutes More campaign will run a challenge throughout September – where children with their parents and carers try to spend five more minutes reading and story telling.

Around 2,000 public libraries in 102 library authorities across the UK will run a “5 Minutes More Challenge” by incorporating it into existing library-based family reading activities.


Library staff from 40 libraries will also visit their local Disney Store events to promote reading and library membership and Disney Store staff VoluntEARS will visit their local libraries to join in activities. Disney Stores will direct customers to their local library for advice about children’s books and reading.

This program has all the attributes of a serious plan to raise up a generation of readers.  The celebrity power of a major movie studio working with libraries to make reading relevant is key to turning kids’ heads.  Check out my Reader Creation and Development page to see several reasons why the book industry worldwide needs to get on this kind of bandwagon.

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