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Hard Rock Nashville Loans Staff to Charities

September 9, 2009

hard rock nashville picSo what do you do with your employees if you have to shut down your business for three months to remodel?  In the case of the Nashville Hard Rock Cafe, the answer:

loan them out to local charities and pay them in full to do so.

(And you thought “Love All, Serve All” was little more than a hippie-infused, 70’s cliche that meant servers wear flowers in their hair and the day’s leftovers head to the local food bank.)

Yes, Nashville’s Hard Rock is paying its staff of cooks and servers–all 71 of them–to work with local non-profits through local non-profit aggregator, Hands On Nashville.Hands On Nashville logo

To hear the Hard Rock management tell it, it’s just a sound business decision.  After all, it would take them more than a month just to re-tool their serving staff to hire and prep for the reopen.  Indeed–their current staff would have been long gone, hired out to every other restaurant in the city.  On the other hand, national workplace consultant, John Challenger of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., has never heard of such a thing.

The Nashville Hard Rock Cafe’s actions are above-and-beyond value for everyone, and may set a new standard for the Hard Rock chain globally, and inspire employers everywhere:

  • For the Hard Rock, they keep their already-trained staff, they win the hearts of a staff and community that admires loyalty in an employer, and they demonstrate that their corporate motto isn’t just air pudding.  Their love and service starts at home–with their own people.  Plus, they can hit the ground running in the new store with an experienced staff.
  • For their staff, they stay employed, and you can bet a C-note they won’t run off to the next restaurant that lets them have a 5-table section instead of just a 4.  Plus, they learn the joy of working for more than their own paycheck.
  • For the non-profits and community, they gain from the impact 2000 hours a WEEK of service can make.

What an equally radical and sublime action.

So here’s CV’s question:  does or could your company think like this?

P.S.  Take a peek at the Hard Rock’s philanthropy page to see a picture of what committed, corporate social responsibility might look like.

CV Score:  18

hard rock cv score

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