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Let’s start a revolution in the way business provides incentives to consumers. I want to see a decrease in the amount of “stuff” that business throws at us and replace it with things or services that have real value, that make a difference–in the philanthropic sense, I suppose. So few things are produced I actually need. Most everything business promotes appeal to our wants, while trying to convince us that those wants are actually needs. See the pages on Consequential Values and Pastoral Marketing to get a full primer on the core values of this blog and to avoid clicking through all the early posts.

I need help in this revolution.

  • Found a good example of Consequential Value? Send me the story. I’m happy to give you credit and link back to you.
  • Think you see a way to turn an ordinary promotion into something of real value? Send me a review. I can open up to guest bloggers. Not a problem.
  • Got a promotion you are involved in that you want others to see? You want me to “score”? Send the details!
  • Most of all…if you have a contact in the marketing, promotional, advertising, even publicity world that you think needs to see what we are doing here, please send the link.

Spread the word. Let’s change the world a little.

Contact me at

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