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Author Saves a Library

September 14, 2009

libraryI love it when book professionals decide to be bigger than their jobs.  Today’s case involves a British children’s author, Nick Arnold, who initiated a movement that saved a local library (in Appledore, Devon).  Once at the top of the libraries-to-be-closed list, the library is now funded AND looking to relocate to larger facilities.  Arnold’s approach is instructive:

Rather than insisting that local authorities fund the library, Arnold said communities should: “find out the reasons they are giving for closing the library, and then make it harder for them to do so”.


  • Helped set up a committee to raise support and forge alliances within the community (schools and parents groups, in particular).
  • Campaigned to increase foot traffic in the library, which he attributes to ultimately saving the library.
  • Helped launch a local book festival.nick arnold website
  • Lent his name and celebrity to the effort.

Author Alan Gibbons, who heads the Campaign for the Book in support of library services, said: “Many authors are already acting as ambassadors for their local library services and this campaign hopes to galvanise those activities. Authors can often lend celebrity status to community activities and can help raise the profile of local libraries.”

By the way, Arnold’s site is fabulous.  Check out his books, like “Bulging Brains.”

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